Career Preparation provides opportunities for students to participate in a learning experience that combines classroom instruction with paid business and industry employment experiences and supports strong partnerships among school, business, and community stakeholders.

MTI's courses are designed to give students supervised practical application of previously studied knowledge and skills. Practicum experiences occur in a paid or unpaid arrangement and in a variety of instructional settings.

Career preparation and development is one of the most important developmental processes in a student’s experience. Deciding on a career is a developmental process, marked by significant events and experiences. Employers want well-rounded students that enhance their in classroom education with key career-related experiences. Students should strive to fine tune their career goals carefully

Most students expect to work after college graduation. However, your job search shouldn't begin when you graduate. Career planning and preparation should occur throughout your studies. You do not need to settle on one area to pursue right away, and you can change directions. But be sure to prepare for the long run — for your lifelong career or multiple careers.


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